Released on May 1st 2018.

Released on May 1st 2018.


The song version of “Sleep” was inspiring to say the least. We amassed a large amount of material, in a fairly short amount of time after the single’s release. SO much material, that capturing the essence of the band was a project in itself. The idea of just “a side outlet used to release music” had morphed in to a parallel world complete with fictional story and musical accompaniment. We needed to follow “Sleep” the song with a collection of material, expanding on the AWES UNIVERSE. “Sleep” the album created the bed for the graphic novel to unfold in— the album was released, and the story grew….


Initially, the full length undertaking of Sleep was meant to be a live album: a short ep that would be recorded and performed live, featuring the most energy possible. Problems arose and the project became a full production. Songs developed live, but required more to be captured onto tape. The songs developed stories of their own pertaining to the AWES World and the universe grew. Throughout the album there are many nods to the single, motifs were re-worked and re-mixed to become brand new ideas and inspirations.

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