-K's Log-


Entry# 1

It’s been three years…

Three years since I escaped the Keepers and their grand illusion, the wall.

The Great Protector, the Great Deceiver.

The view outside is… incomprehensibly awe inspiring. A vivid ocean of hues the likes of which I had never witnessed before. Words do little justice in describing true natures depths, untamed, unhindered. If only they knew…

Once I had escaped the train, I went south, following the valley down and out of the mountains. I had heard rumors of a “deadzone” where the GFP had abandoned some of their most advanced scientific research and development facilities due to massive storms that began to plague the area after a couple of the R&D divisions began operating.

I found the storms to be intense, but manageable. The abandoned facilities were for the most part unscathed, minus some flooding in the lower levels. The perfect place for me to begin my work.

However, the rest between then and now is a story for another day.

I am recording this entry because I have made a choice. I now seek a justice that also cannot easily be described. An answer to a vicious and all encompassing corruption, fueled by greed and rooted in the very core of our nations government. The Greater Federation of Powers must be stopped.

It will take a while longer to formulate a plan of action but I feel that the results of my most recent research into inter-spacial teleportation may yield a key. 

I will continue to update this log as my plans and research develop.


Entry #2

A breakthrough, though not the results I had anticipated.

The prototype device I have constructed was supposed to teleport a flathead screwdriver from one side of the room to my adjacent workbench, five feet away, and then play a “confirmation tone” once the object had rematerialized. 

I activated the device, the screwdriver disappeared, I received the confirmation tone and…….nothing. No screwdriver anywhere. I searched high and low and found nothing. So I repeated the test again and again and again and still nothing.

After a calculation and hardware check, followed by identical results I began to wonder what was going wrong.

I knew that I would only receive the tone if my machine had activated the rematerialization process. This meant that the screwdriver HAD to be somewhere. While I had attempted to program a five foot horizontal movement, the screwdrivers never reappeared. However, I also knew that the device didn’t have a sufficient enough supply of power to make a long distance teleportation. 

I have, after hours of personal debate and deliberation, formed a new theory.

I believe it may be possible that the screwdrivers are EXACTLY five feet away from my device, but in a parallel dimension, coexisting with our own.

Tomorrow I will make a few adjustments and reverse the polarity of the device. I will attempt to bring my tools back from where ever they may have gone.


Entry #3

The GFP would never have allowed me to dive so deep into the fringes. They would have eliminated me before I’d ever had a chance to fathom…

I have, by shear luck, stumbled upon a hole in the fabric of space. It appears the location I have chosen for my lab is home to a small, stable wormhole.

It may be possible that this tear is what caused the weather anomalies, leading the previous scientists here to abandon their research. 

I do not yet have the equipment to further analyze this discovery, but I do have most of my screwdrivers back and, as such, will begin to construct the necessary machinery immediately.

As for my teleportation device, I must run more tests. There are numerous questions to be answered. It is clear that inanimate objects can safely make the journey but I must try something living. I’m sure one of the rodents around these abandoned facilities will make a sufficient enough test subject.


Entry #4

The first months living in the Federation’s heart were…difficult, to say the least. From the moment we crossed the border into Central, the air changed. I felt their gaze. They were watching me, honing in on my every movement. I was a valuable asset to them, but also their greatest potential threat. I realized I would have to tread very lightly, I was far too smart to not keep on a tight leash. Learn too much and they’d make me disappear.

The New Central Government had appointed me as their “Expert of Scientific Research and Development”, a highly sought after title. It came with brand new executive quarters, a much larger lab, nearly unlimited resources, a three person team of assistant researchers, a personal guard, and a deeper glimpse into some of the more sinister workings behind the veil. The researchers assigned to me were the Keeper’s eyes and ears, the security guard was my on-site executioner. 

My new superiors kept me busy. I was first ordered to conduct research on the psychological and neurological changes that occurred after a test subject had been exposed to a battery of extreme conditions. Sleep deprivation, sensory overload, complete isolation, I even devised an experiment where a person would be locked in a room and bombarded with a deafening white noise at random intervals at least 300 times throughout the day. We would let them out after a week, scan their brains and, if they hadn’t completely lost their minds, conduct an interview and lock them back in for a few days. Afterward, they would become another statistic on one of my assistant’s spreadsheets. 

I was to break people and record the data. Crunch the numbers. Run comparisons. Did you know after 120 hours of non-stop visual and auditory overload that 96% of people become completely unresponsive? Even more surprising, the 4% that made it through all had one thing in common. They were all woman between the age of 45 and 50.

My bosses told me they were Xilas, criminals and potentials who would’ve been locked in the chambers anyway. They were serving a much better purpose here. This was their shot at redemption. I’m sure any of them would have preferred the chambers by comparison, but it wasn’t their choice to make, nor was it mine.