“Reach” was originally released July 1st, 2018 as a follow up to our EP release from earlier in the year, “Sleep”.

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Coming soon, the follow up EP to our 2018 single “Reach”. Since the release of Big Brother late in 2018, the band has stayed busy on journeys of personal and musical exploration, as well as retaining a steady dose of gigs: supporting other artists on tours as musicians, coaching up and coming talents, and managing budding superstars on the road as tour managers...needless to say the work has been non stop!

...Reach back in to your heart if you’ve strayed away...

released 10/30/18

Big Brother is the epic culmination of a 2 year long project. Initially just a short instrumental journey, this song became a massive production of vast detail. Each lyric represents the explicit ordeal of our media and government overstepping their promises to the people and their use of personal information without the public’s knowledge. Big Brother is watching…

Sleep (single released 2017)

Sleep is the debut single from the AWES creative portfolio. Inspired by the reality in which mass amounts of people are unaware of life's truths, nor willing to seek out their own truth. 

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Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

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The song version of “Sleep” was inspiring to say the least. We amassed a large amount of material, in a fairly short amount of time after the single’s release. SO much material, that capturing the essence of the band was a project in itself. The idea of just “a side outlet used to release music” had morphed in to a parallel world complete with fictional story and musical accompaniment. We needed to follow “Sleep” the song with a collection of material, expanding on the AWES UNIVERSE. “Sleep” the album created the bed for the graphic novel to unfold in— the album was released, and the story grew….

Sleep [Explicit]
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